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If you say yes to the following, you already prequalify for up to $1500 in 15 minutes
* You make more than $1000 per month.
* You have a bank account with online banking.
* You are paid by direct deposit or you have a pay stub.

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Lethbridge Payday Loans

  • Are you in Lethbridge and want $100 to $500?
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Instant Payday Canada has provided financial products for Canadians for several years. We feature:

  • EFT - Right into your bank account
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  • Virtually Instant Cash - As soon as 30 minutes!*
  • Safe Application - We take your personal data very seriously
  • Easy Payments - We can adjust to meet your altering circumstances

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BC License: #52546
Saskatchewan License #100055
Nova Scotia Payday License # 1843061 exp 2015/07/31
Loan Issued prior to 2013-06-23: Ontario License #4721539
Loan Issued after 2013-06-23: Ontario License #4728794